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2017 Mill Spun Yarn NOW AVAILABLE!

The farm store is now open and we are adding more products all the time! We have wonderful mill spun yarns immediately available. Coming soon: Hand spun Artisan yarn and Raw 100% Suri fleeces. So don't be a stranger - stop in and shop a while!

Relative to the Raw Fleece: If an item lists a specific grade and states that it's tested, that means we have scientific proof of that micron value! For the raw fleeces (i.e. unwashed fleece), I've included a link to the specific animal the fleece belongs to. If you follow the link, you can view the actual histogram!

We have our products categorized by fiber grade. Fiber is measured by micron - the lower the micron, the softer the fiber. As a general rule, fiber is graded in this manner:

Grade 1 = less than 20 microns
Grade 2 = 20 - 22.9 microns
Grade 3 = 23 -25.9 microns
Grade 4 = 26 - 28.9 microns
Grade 5 = 29 - 32 microns

At Shambalah, we offer a money back guarantee: if you aren't satisfied with the product you have purchased, send the entire product back to us and we will refund the purchase price (not including shipping). We want you to be completely happy with your purchase!

We prefer PayPal as a method of payment but other arrangements may be possible - contact us to make payment arrangements if PayPal doesn't work for you.