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Welcome to Shambalah Alpaca Ranch

SHAMBALAH ALPACA RANCH IS OPEN! We are conducting Ranch Tours! Give us a call to schedule a tour today.

THE FARM STORE IS OPEN! Come take a look at what we have for you!

Next up for Shambalah on the show front: PAOBA Fleece Showcase on August 6-7, 2021 in State College, PA!

THE CRIAS ARE HERE! The 2021 crias have begun to arrive. Come on out to see the cutest things on two toes!

No Ranch? NO PROBLEM! If you are ready to live the dream but you don't have the ranch, consider allowing your investment to camp at Shambalah.

CONTACT US TODAY to live the dream and start YOUR Alpaca Adventure!


2021 Suri Breeder Cup Winners



Shambalah's Toulouse - MULTI-CHAMPION!

Melissa and Foxxy

SHAMBALAH ALPACA RANCH IS THE WINNER OF THE 2021 SURI CLASSIC BREEDER CUP! Due to our results at the 2021 National Alpaca Halter Show in March, Shambalah was awarded the Suri Classic Breeder Cup! We are THRILLED!!

GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW AVAILABLE! Want to give the gift of Alpaca to someone special? Give them a gift certificate to Shambalah Alpaca Ranch! Gift certificates can be used for tours and merchandise in our Ranch store. Contact us for more details!

RANCH TOURS ARE STILL ON! Interested in touring Shambalah Alpaca Ranch? We offer tours to the public BY APPOINTMENT ONLY...seriously...if you just show up we will not be able to accommodate you. Please note - WE ARE NOT A PETTING ZOO. If all you want is to touch an alpaca, this is not the tour for you. These tours are HIGHLY educational. Since one of the coolest things about alpaca is reproduction and we are Alpaca Breeders, the tour contains a ton of facts and stories relative to animal husbandry.

* Tours last 1.5-2 hours based on your questions
* Tour includes
** information about alpaca in the world,
** basic facts about alpaca including, care and breeding and shows,
** the Bachelor Pad,
** the Show Boys,
** the Show Girls, and
** concludes in the Big Barn with the mamas and babies with some hand feeding
* A picture with your party and one of our alpaca that you may post to social media to document your adventure!!
* $20/person with up to 3 children free - If you have more than 3 kids coming, let's chat
* Payment is due in advance - this holds your appointment so we can give YOU one-on-one service!
* Check the weather before you arrive at the Ranch. We will be on our feet for the entire tour and most of the tour takes place outside. If it's supposed to be hot, make sure you HYDRATE before and during the tour. If it's supposed to be cold, bundle up!
* We are a WORKING alpaca ranch so plan on poo and dirt and sometimes spit - wear the appropriate clothes and footwear
* IMPORTANT NOTE: We know things come up and sometimes you can't come to the Ranch as planned. Just call us and reschedule - we're easy that way! However, if you arrange for and pay for a tour and then don't call or don't show up, your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Call us today to schedule YOUR personal Ranch Tour!

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