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Foundation Suri Alpacas

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Open (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Electrofyre's Thyme Signature Suri Open (Female) White 3 yrs
Raynay's Caprice By Spectacular Suri Open (Female) White 4 yrs
RGSA Venatrix Suri Open (Female) White 5 yrs
Shambalah's Georgia Suri Open (Female) White 1 yr
Shambalah's Rhiannon Suri Open (Female) Beige 8 yrs
Shambalah's Shiloh by Crown Prince Suri Open (Female) Light Fawn 8 yrs

Bred (Female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Pucara Puresuri Chakotah's Daenerys   Suri Bred (Female) White 9 yrs
RGSA Bourbon Belle   Suri Bred (Female) Beige 4 yrs
Rgsa Honeydew   Suri Bred (Female) Beige 5 yrs
Shambalah's Toulouse   Suri Bred (Female) Medium Fawn 4 yrs
TSSS Ava's Lantana-ET   Suri Bred (Female) White 5 yrs